topkapi-palace-istanbul (9)TOPKAPI PALACE : The imperial residence of Otoman Sultans, Topkapı Palace  is now a  museum and has one of finest  collections of jewellery  including the Topkapi Dagger ,Spoonmaker’s Diamond, ottoman court costumes, ceramics etc. Besides  the pavillions, iner courtyards with their ancient plane trees,cypresses where the Sultan was strolling.

ST SOPHİA        : The ancient basilica, built by the architects Antemius and Isidoros during the reign of the Justinian the Great and his wife Theodora, it’s one of the architectural marvel of all time.the beautiful decoration include stunning byzantin mosaics  very well preserved during the ottoman time while it has served as a mosque.

HİPPODROME : Charriot race course  of the roman and byzantin times,held 100.000 spectators and featured objects from all corners of the empires like Egyptian  Obelisque,Serpentine Column.Even though the seats and main structure  disaeppared ,it’ s still a nice place to stroll and to imagine the roman and byzantin time in İstanbul.

 indirBLUE MOSQUE    :  Famous for its  6 minarets and exquisite blue İznik tiles.Built by  Sultan Ahmet 1. in the early 17th century and designed  by the architect Mehmet Aga who was also a jewelier and pupil of the the great architect Sinan.

 GRAND BAZAAR :   The  biggest covered bazaar of ancient time still remaining the heart of the commercial life in the old city with 4000 shops suiting every taste and every pocket.

Rate : Guiding only  110 euros,  Guiding + Transportation with A/C Van 200 euros