bosphorus-cruiseBOSPHORUS CRUİSE

Traditional and unforgettable excursion by boat along the İstanbul strait separating Europe from Asia.Along its shores is a delightfully surprising mixture of past and present.The shore is lined with modern restaurant and hotels ,as well  as yalis ( old wooden villas ) palaces  of marbles,fortresses and small fishing villages.

During the excursion you will pass the magnificent Dolmabahce Palace,Ciragan Palace  now restored  as a Grand Hotel.At Ortakoy  a great variety of artists gather every Sunday to display their  work along the street.The Bosphorus Bridge and Ortakoy Mosque complete the beauty and the originality of this place.The twin forteresses with Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge the second link between the two continents are also the highlights of this excursion.

SPİCE BAZAAR   :     Behind the Yeni Mosque is another attractive bazaar of a different sort.The air here is filled the  enticing aromas of cinnamon,caraway,saffron,mint,tyhme and every other concevable herb and spice.

SULEYMANİYE MOSQUE : The mosque of the Soliman the Magnificent built by the famous  Grand  architect Sinan between  1550 and 1557.It’s the largest of the İstanbul’s imperial ottoman  mosque having  its complex of charitable institutions.Every detail in this mosque reflecte the genius of the architect the Great Sinan and the imperial time of the Soliman the Magnificent and his wife Roxelana.

CHORA CHURCH :  The 11th century church of St Saviour in Chora  is , after St Sophia the most important byzantin monument in İstanbul .The wals are decorated with superb 14th century frescoes and mosaics on a gold’s a remarkable  exemple of byzantin art that influenced the european renaissance.

Rate : Guiding only  110 euros,  Guiding + Transportation with A/C Van 200 euros