2340970859_7cef595dcbTour 1 : (4 hours approximately)

This tour starts from the Million Stone, then walk along the Sogukcesme Street  observe the typical wooden house of the ottoman period and  go along the walls  of Topkapi Palace enter in the Gulhane Park; the rose garden of the palace, see there the column of the Gots then have a rest and keep going following the tramlines, see  the Alay Kosku the Review or Parade Pavilion,from whose latticed windows the  Sultan could observe the comings and goings at the palace  of his Grand Vizier .Across this the Sublime Porte ,which in former days led to the palace and offices of the Grand Vizir. Arrive to Sirkeci crossroads,on the right is the station,designed by the german architect Taschmund opened for use in 1890 after Orient Express began carrying many famous people including Agahta Christie from Paris to İstanbul.

Then cross   the street and arrive on to Eminonu Square.Have a look at the Yeni Camii ;New Mosque  facing Galata bridge built between 1597 and1663.then strolling  in Spice Market smelling the  enticing aromas of cinnamon,caraway,saffron,mint,tyhme and every other concevable herb and spice.Cross the Galata Brigde taste the water pipe as you survey both sides.From Karakoy take the world’s  oldest  and shortest metro up to Pera Galata district.Walking on the famous pedestrian street of İstiklal during the trip see also the fish market,the passage-way of flower as well as some other nice and important buildings of the street.the end of the tour is on Taksim square.

Rate : 110 euros  ( 10 persons max.)
Notice İmportant !: Those tours are juste  to  give you an idea.We can also work on any program you like..